300 - Rise of an Empire - Movie Premier

300 - Rise of an Empire - Movie Premier - Muvico Cinemas, Rosemont, IL - Mar. 6th, 2014
Just wanted to let you guys in on a fun event we have coming up THIS THURSDAY...

We've been working with Muvico in Rosemont to set this up.

OneEllas/GSSN 300: Rise of an Empire Premier Night this Thursday at 8pm!!!

We're Taking Over the Muvico Cinemas!!!

It should be a Fun Night, Great Parea and the movie looks like it will do justice and honor the memory and feats of our ancestors!!!

We're directing everyone to the 3D 8pm Showing - the night before the movie officially opens. (Please Note: NOT the 8pm 3DXL - they have two showings that night, the Greek One is the regular 3D one at 8pm)

If you follow the link: http://tinyurl.com/GSSN300Premier it should take you directly to the showing we're taking over. All Ticket sales are through fandango, we're directing everyone to the website this time.

The Event is open to the public so if you're thinking of coming I'd get tickets as soon as possible. Now that we've made it public we expect it to sell out very soon.

Please forward and share with anyone that may be interested.

It will be a great time, hope you guys can make it!

- Dino



We're Taking over a Movie Theater for the 300: Rise of an Empire Premier!!!

This Thursday, March 6th - 8pm - (the night before official release)

MUVICO Cinemas, Rosemont IL. Let's see how quickly we sell this one out...

Order Your Tickets at: http://tinyurl.com/GSSN300Premier (event is open to public so tickets will sell out quickly so order today)