Aggeliki therapeia

Aggeliki therapeia - Virtue Doreen - Special Order ONLY
Aggeliki therapeia - Virtue Doreen - Special Order ONLY
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Doreen Virtue is a global authority on Angelic Contact and treatment by writing, teaching and conducting workshops around the world since 1997. In his book "Angelic treatment - the Complete Guide" offers concentrated all her knowledge and experience, revealing the spiritual tools , secrets and drills itself implement and teach the students. A manual - station, which, among many other things we learn: - How to keep in touch with angels - How to heal with the help of angels - angels What should we call depending on the situation - How to receive tips and prompts by angels - How to offer help to the family and to our friends the "Angelica therapy - the Complete Guide" is a valuable spiritual tool for anyone wishing to access the amazing angelic world and taste the true health, happiness and fulfillment.

By Virtue Doreen. 295 pages. Paperback. Imported. 21x14 cm. Iviskos publications.

ISBN: 9786185093013