Akroates Syzygoi

Akroates Syzygoi
Akroates Syzygoi
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Paul, a modern Greek banker, takes us by the time the vehicle Compass philosophical and ideological pursuits, from the current economic crisis in Greece in centers of business: Egypt, Balkans, Paris, London, America. While stirring memories and current events, narrates and analyzes the marital relationship tested by the heterogeneity of the priorities and desires of the couple. To deal with it both spouses choose to go by the passion of mikrogegonoton and put in the passion of ideas, where the problems are occasions for dialogue, the extramarital adventures of Paul lead to the conclusion that much more real lives within the context of marriage and the homoerotic search Nefeli leads to the safety of her husband's otherness.

Stories and Reflections tethered to a novel that raises the question of whether modern man still has the right to a balanced life.

By Triantafyllos Lysimaxou. 321 pages. Paperback. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-960-566-246-2