Alphabet and Flashcard package

Alphabet and Flashcard package
Alphabet and Flashcard package
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Trying to find easy and fun materials for your young student? Look no further.

3 of our most popular Greek Alphabet note books. Levels Kidergarden through 1st grade along with 2 packs of flash cards (Small and Large size).

The Alphabet and Flashcard package includes the following items:

1. My First Writing Notebook (Item# EDPSTTTPRMGR)

An entertaining activity notebook that follows the materials of the new school book for the (Greek) language of 1st grade, Letters-Words-Stories, and includes the 1st and 2nd books.

The Child:

Draws and colors the pictures.

Develops the hand movement and the coordination of eye-hand.

Learns the proper writing of each letter.

Writes letters, words, sentences, small stories.

Develops his or her fantasy.

Gets familiar with the correct spelling.

Understands the materials of the school.

Learns by having fun, along with the company of Malena and Nikola.

For children 5 - 6 years old.

By Rena Rossi Zairi. 80 pages. Paperpack. 16 x 24 cm. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-0018-1

2. My first notebook for the (Greek) alphabet (for kindergarten) (Item# EDSAMFNA)

My first book for the (Greek) alphabet is for students attending kindergarten.

The fun and creative exercises will help children understand the relationship between with written and oral speech while at the same time give an incentive to educators and parents about the language development activities of the toddler.

More specifically this book will help your child:

Understand basic shapes (circles, straight lines, curves, etc).

Learn the alphabet letters.

Recognize phonemes (sounds) and combine them with the proper letters.

Write letter with the right direction on an organized space.

Recognize letters within words, separate them and circle them.

Listen and recognize the beginning and ending sounds of words with the help of pictures.

Select and color the correct pictures.

Complete the missing letter in words.

By Amalia Zoe. 127 pages. Paperback. 17x24cm. Savvalas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-449-872-7

3. My first writing notebook (Item# ED520)

This notebooks helps kids of the 1st class of grammar school practice writing the letters, words, and small sentences. It is structured according to the new school book and the modern approach of teaching a linguistic course.

By Evgenia Koleta. 80 pages. Softcover. FREE STICKERS.

ISBN: 978-960-455-034-0

4. My first (24) reading flashcards (Double sided - large size) (Item# FCAGP24KA)

Flashcards are one of the smartest tools to learn the letters of the Greek alphabet. The impressive colored pictures for each letter is the most successful combination for the kids to learn fast and fun the capital and lower case letters. The other side of the card give them the chance to associate the letter with a picture.

The word is written in two ways: with capital letter and with lowercase letters. In order to best remember the letters, it is best to first see the picture and imagine their own story with one of these words. Don't forget the learning is a game. All the words were chosen from the 1st grade Language school book.

By Eleni Voudouri. 24 (Greek) 6 X 9 flash cards. Pictures by Liana Denezaki. Agkyra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-422-696-2

5. Flashcards - The Greek Letters (Item# FCPATL48)

48 flashcards with the Greek letter and a picture on the other side for fun games (instructions on the back of the box).

Papadopoulos publications. By Evaggelia Desipri.

ISBN: 978-960-412-639-2