Alphabet book

Alphabet book (Alfavitari)
Alphabet book (Alfavitari)
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What do the two words "good student" realy mean to you ? Always take honors? Memorize the exercises?

a creative curiosity

b sensitivity towards nature and the beautiful

c thirst to explore the world

d the courage of his

then hold in your hands the right book. The Primer addressed both to parents of kindergarten and first grade of primary as well as to parents of children who have just finished the first grade of primary.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is a systematic method for child to learn to read and write. The second part combines the necessary grammatical knowledge for children A City with tales from mythology offered to move the child even more in reading.

Within its pages you will find that it is easy, simple and enjoyable to offer our children a broader culture in combination with grammatical knowledge. You will find it easy to give our kids a real education so entertaining.

After all, what student would like to be your child?

By Ourania Toutountzi. 208 pages. Paperback. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-364-575-7