Alexander the Great - The Greek commander

Alexander the Great - The Greek commander - OUT OF STOCK
Alexander the Great - The Greek commander - OUT OF STOCK
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Alexander the Great was one of the most significant figures of history. In its short life, the Macedonian king defeated the mighty Persian Empire and conquered the largest part of the then known world. He helped tremendously spread the Greek culture to the very distant countries, while his contribution to the development of strategic warfare was huge. Today Alexander the Great still causing admiration for his accomplishments and is one of the unsurpassed legends.

Through the pages of this book you will discover many details about the amazing life of this great leader. You will read about his military achivements and legends as well as the people that influenced his decisions and his life.

Great history book for children 4-14 years old. 45 pages. Hardcover. Savalas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-449-364-7