Artforms (Morfes Texnis)

Artforms by Sarah and Duane Preble (Greek edition) - Special Order ONLY
Artforms by Sarah and Duane Preble (Greek edition) - Special Order ONLY
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A luxurious volume on The Visual Arts and Art History, with the most important works of art in high-quality illustrations.

Contains biographies of artists, assessment and criticism of art, cultural values and the role of artists in each period.

This book also released in two volumes - "I: The Visual Arts and II: Introduction to Art History"

By Duane Preble and Sarah Preble. 520 pages (color). ION publications.

ISBN: 978-960-697-049-8

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1 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ART? The Nature of Art, Art and Experience

2 THE LANGUAGE OF VISUAL EXPERIENCE: Visual Communication, Visual Elements, Basic Principles of Design, Style, and Evaluation.

3 TWO-DIMENSIONAL MEDIA: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Filmmaking and Computer Imaging.

4 THREE-DIMENSIONAL MEDIA: Sculpture, Crafts (traditional and modern).

5 DESIGN DISCIPLINES: Design and Illustration, Architecture and Environmental Design

6 ART AS A CULTURAL HERITAGE: Prehistoric and Early Culture, Beyond the World of Western Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque

7 MODERN WORLD: Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Early Twentieth Century, Between the World Wars, Rapid Change, Art after 1945, Recent Diversity.