The art of Flirt

The art of Flirt
The art of Flirt
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first and most complete driver on the market that deals with the art of flirting. A book essential to all! Aimed at women and men of all ages. It falls into the category of practical self-improvement manuals, self-knowledge, psychology and communication, while concentrating on more personal, especially but forgotten issues such as those of flirting, the correct and effective approach, mate choice and sexual communication between couples. The art of flirting is necessary for the successful approach of the person of interest. The art of flirting, can help any couple on the conservation and renewal of the relationship. The art of flirting, can help us to leave behind loneliness and / or to maintain and renew our relationship. The valuable book tips will boost sentiment and our confidence and we will consolidate our relationship with the partner. The Art of Flirting is as important as life itself, because living means communicate, express and love!

By Nelli Iliopoulou. 440 pages. Paperback. 12 x 16.5 cm. Irida editions.

ISBN: 978-960-7926-76-0