Baby's first skills

Baby's first skills - SOLD OUT
Baby's first skills - SOLD OUT
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Dr. Miriam Stoppard (Britian's bestselling pregnancy and childcare author), shows you how to ensure your child receives the necessary stimulation for development, how to keep up with your kidsí fast progress, how to make them happy, confident through creative activities during the day. A complete guide to learning. "It's impossible to over-estimate the importance of play to babies, it is the basis for all learning...and your baby's first and best playmate is you" - Dr. Miiriam Stoppard.

Encourage your kid develop his or her skills by playing.

Help your kid to be happy, have confidence, and enjoy entertainment.

Monitor the fast progress of your baby month by month.

The fun activities of this book aim towards the correct and complete development of your child.

112 pages. Hard cover.