Benefit for “The Child's Smile” orphanage in Greece

Benefit for “The Child's Smile” orphanage - Park Ridge, IL - Mar 11, 2012
March 11th 2012: Benefit for “The Child's Smile” orphanage in Greece. FilmHellenes - Greek Film Fest Chicago! and the Pickwick Theater are happy to announce the details of this family / community event that will greatly contribute to what we all cherish the most, CHILDREN. Place: Pickwick Theater, Park Ridge, IL Time: 1:00pm Playing: THE FLEA by Dimitris Spyrou. A children’s story about a 12-year-old schoolboy’s handmade newspaper and his desire to keep it going despite the ambivalence shown by his parents and the small remote Arcadian village in the Peloponnese, UNTIL…

Cost: FREE. Donations will be appreciated. 100% of the Donations will go to “The Child’s Smile” in Greece. The children in Greece need our help.

Nick Mirkopoulos of CineSpace Studios, Chicago, has generously offered to match every donation, dollar for dollar, PROVIDING THREE other Companies/Businesses will do the same. ANY TAKERS? For more details about this very important family event, please contact Zoe Iltsopoulos Borys at (773) 225-9939