Complete Book of Childcare and Development

Childcare and Development
Childcare and Development
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A complete guide to growth and development of children. An updated book that offers advice and information that you need to raise a child for the first moments of his life until the time he or she will go to school. A useful guide that you will always refer to while your child is growing and evolves from a vulnerable baby to an adult with a unique personality.

This guide helps you raise your child with confidence and explains how to take care of him or her during the difference stages of his or her development. It describes the behavior of children in the family and explores how they influence the reaction of their parents.

This book also contains a useful guide in child safety issues with step by step instructions of what to do when your child is in danger. 224 pages. Hardcover. By Dorothy Einon.

Dorothy Einon is a lecturer in psychology at University College London, specializing in child development. She has researched the psychology of learning at Columbia University in New York, and has studied and taught child development in different educational cultures from Japan to Canada. She has worked as an advisor to Fisher-Price toys and has appeared on television and radio.