Creative Pet Project Book

Creative Pet Project Book

111 Full Colour Paintings and Illustrations, 111 Portrait images with pet of the artists involved. Biography of artist and pets, image description. over 250 pages of literature, including charity spreads. Comes in a box sleeve presentation.


111 Full Colour Paintings and Illustrations, 111 Portrait images with pet of the artists involved. Biography of artist and pets, image description. over 250 pages of literature, including charity spreads. Comes with protect satin finish soft cover.

Hi, I'm Rob Snow, (project creator, Creative Pet Project), I work as an illustrator and graphic design, and am an animal lover.

!! please note we have more perks than slots, these will be cycled each week, so look at the perk list below to find a perk you like and note the dates they will be available!!

What is the Creative Pet Project?

The Creative Pet Project is a collaboration of recognised/world famous artists and illustrators who have come together to help in a single cause; to help animal charities. The motivation behind this is the truly unique aspect of this project. the fact that all the artists involved in the project not only include animals in their artwork, but also have a companion animal (hence the title, Creative Pet Project). They have come together to use the aesthetic beauty of their work, combined for their love for animals to raise money for animal charities in a more beautiful and aesthetic way. This is a way that we can all give to charity, but get something back.

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Many of the artists (65%) have rescue animals. They have become passionate about their connection to animals, which shows in the amazing artwork which this project has selected. To give you an idea of some of the talent included, here is a selection of some of those featured in the project (click their names to visit their sites/article sites). Raffaele Bafefit, Ana Bagayan, Dilka Bear, Chris Brett, John Brophy, Chris Buzelli, Rachel Caldwell, John Casey, Mary Chiaramonte, Sas Christian, David Cowles, Chris Crites, Antonio Segura Donat, Lola Gil, Paulina Góra, Fabio Hurtado, Jon Jaylo, Andy Kehoe, Brian Kesinger, Jean-Christian Knaff, Anita Kunz, Jen Lobo, Tara McPherson, Jackie Morris, Ricardo Martinez Ortego, Yuko Shimizu, Heiidi Tailleferr, Martin Wittfooth, Chet Zar

It should be mentioned that the project doesn't stop there. When we successfully raise the money and get the first volume printed, we will be looking for contributions for a second volume and a photographers edition too. We are excited that there has been a great deal of interest about what this project can provide.

The Creative Pet Project has been working closely with two charities, in order that the funds raised by the book are sent to the right homes. The project is concerned with charities that work globally (as the book is global) and have concerns for all types of animal.

In this first volume, we have chosen the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Born Free USA. Two very worthwhile charities that have also provided some fantastic literature and images which appear in the front of the book, to explain their concerns and programs in animal conservation.

The book is a collaboration between 111 artists, who have been drawn to one cause (pun intended), that cause being the use of their art in a manner to help animal charities continue their valuable work. The simple unique criteria to be involved in the project was to have a companion animal. To have a connection with this companion animal, and use that inspiration in their artwork.

So, the Creative Pet Project researched around the world. Looking for well-known and recognised artists and illustrators. The aim being to make a book out of diverse styles, but a common theme. The pleasure or aesthetics and love for animals combined in one volume. The book contains 111 wonderful, animal themed pieces of art, 111 biographic images of the pet with their artist companion, bios and stories of the connection the artist have with their companions.

Also included in the book are the testimonies of the charities themselves. A short, but poignant insight into their concerns and work in the field of animal conservation. All this, bound in two different volumes. One, a lovely soft cover edition, and the second, a wonderful limited edition box sleeved hard back version. Both large format, and printed on quality satin paper to ensure the artwork is at it's height of enjoyment.

For more information on the content, please take a look at the projects infographic. Designed to show the scope and depth of the content. Find it at this link!

The Funds

We are asking for your help, as we need the funds in order to finish the book. It has been a two year trip to search out the artists, gather the information, the photos, the artwork. To discuss the inclusion of the charities. To give you an idea; 1,000 artists were contacted, 15 charities, countless agents, publishers, and other organisations. The two year journey has come to it's most important conclusion. To explain a little, the money required will be used primarily in the printing of the book, however, an insight into the costliness can be seen like this:

The printing of 2,000 soft back books The printing of 1,000 hard back box sleeve books The shipping of the books to the distribution centre The import duties of 6% for the shipment The packaging material to send out the books The printing costs for labels, slips, etc. The payment of the website hosting for 2 years The development of the website, for security aspects and a few other items.

Your Involvement

Your involvement in this project is crucial. Not only for the book to be realised, but at the same time (and more crucially), to help the charities concerned with their work. We have never met an animal lover that was not willing to go out of their way, to help their fellow Earthlings. And for this reason, we are asking you to help in this matter. Simply giving as much as you feel, will help us get to our goal.

The Creative Pet Project has all the necessary work ready, but needs the support to finalise this project. It is a worthwhile cause and project, we hope you agree. The future can be bright, not only for the planet and charities that work to save it and the animals on it, but to provide a creative way to to make this work. The animal and their artists are drawn to this one cause.

Please consider supporting this project in whatever way you can. Check the list of perks below, so you may find something that you'd like to get as a reward for contributing, but mainly think of supporting by ordering yourself a copy of the book (soft back or hardback) so your can enjoy the artwork knowing you helped in the project.

The Perks/Rewards

The Creative Pet Project has asked the contributing members to add some pieces of work to the possible perks included for this campaign. Many have given permission to do limited prints of the work included, some signed, some unsigned. Original pieces, and other items to interest you in contributing. There are so many we are listing them here so you can see and choose the week that you'd like to get the perk.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you love the idea of the Creative Pet Project and would like to help in a different way, then you can do one of many things:

You can visit the Facebook Page and like it, and invite your friends too! You can visit the Official Website and like it, add a comment, invite friends!! You could buy some merchandising from the Society6 Store!! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Pinterest! And that’s all there is to it.

The Creative Pet Project would like to thank all the artists involved in this project. Their time, artwork and information has all been given free of charge for this good cause. Many thanks. The project would also like to thank the people at IFAW and Born Free USA for their help in getting the project together.

Any contribution will be such a help to help this project help the animal charities concerned.