Dark Gray, Almost Black

Dark Gray, Almost Black
Dark Gray, Almost Black
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"I hate aged hands. Hands more than other parts of the body. Of course the person, do not say, the skin of the face, neck mostly, yes, throat, thus, at the slightest movement, turns and retracts as if he has fallen off from the meat and bones. But the hands are otherwise. Because the hands are something like ... how to say ;, like ... like antennas, like bridges is that brings you closer to all around you, people and things. To, hands to touch, to greet, to embrace it, to caress or a spanking. Hands thee even speak, and when the mouth is closed. "

A novel about the old age in a society, obsessed committed to the fantasy of eternal youth and aesthetics, facing the elderly as their new untouchables.

By Eleni Giannakaki. 200 pages. Paperback. 14 X 20.5 cm. Imported. Patakis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-166-678-5