Reading and Understanding for Boys

Disney's Reading and Understanding for Boys - NEW
Disney's Reading and Understanding for Boys - NEW
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The books in the series Disney - Happy School - "Learning with my favorite characters", were designed by experienced educators for kids of preschool in order to help children acquire knowledge and cultivate skills and attitudes necessary to develop a wholesome personality. It is the appropriate educational tool to support your child's school in the first steps.

In the book "I read and understand": children read for Lightning McQueen and his friends from the film "Cars". With pleasant manner, after playing with their favorite characters, they learn to:

read stories, poems

identify the heroes, the main points of a story

monitor the sequence of events

understand a story and answer questions

find the cause and effect of events

repeat a story themselves

The activities are developmentally structured and utilize stickers with the heroes of Disney. At the end of the book suggested additional activities that can be used by parents at home for hours of creative activities of their child. Also, once your child completes her activities, you can rewarded him for his efforts by giving him a diploma.

For kids 6-7 years old. 64 colorful pages. Stickets and diploma (on the last page). Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-960-501-849-8