Dawning - Drama in Three Acts

Dawning - Drama in Three Acts (Kazantzakis) - NEW
Dawning - Drama in Three Acts (Kazantzakis) - NEW
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"Dawning" is an unpublished work of Nikos Kazantzakis which is the first erotic drama written for the theater in 1906 and was presented in 1907 in Pantelideio Drama Competition National University of Athens.

The play describes the dillimma moral and emotional torment of central heroine, Lalo, which faces the one with the family balance and social respectability and the other with personal desire. Kazantzakis writes the text clearly influenced by his time, while the theme is similar to the plot of the novel Anna Karenina Tolstoy.

This version is the first annotated performance of erotic play by Nikos Kazantzakis, the custody of which was directly based on the manuscript of the drama, as submitted to Pantelideio Drama Competition and now kept in the National Library of Greece.

The book is published by scientific import of Gerasimos Zora and extensive curatorial note of the issue, and Mathioudaki Nikos Athanasiou KARASIMOY. Listed in Addendum whole two surviving manuscripts of the play on color photographic reproduction, and information-rich material.

"And yesterday I saw a picture in a magazine that upset me terribly and I he did too much to think ... You know what? [...] Show, it seems, the depth of a theater. The curtain was lowered and ediakrinotan only bottom - heavy velvet, with deep pleats in front ... some stairs carpeted mat lighter color on stage. And through the scene and saw no fainontane echyneto and ran down the curtain and painted the mat, and elimnazen bumped stairs and Hamas on the floor, blood, Mamma, like jumping fountana from any wound invisible, behind the curtain ... And below the picture was written: "What happened?" "

By Nikos Kazantzakis. 330 pages. Paperback. Kazantzaki publications.

ISBN: 978-960-7948-45-8