E2 - Pam Grout

E2 - Pam Grout - Special Order ONLY
E2 - Pam Grout - Special Order ONLY
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E2 is essentially a manual with simple experiments that will prove to you that reality is malleable, that consciousness prevails over matter and configure your life in your mind. Yes, you read it. Says will show you.

Nine experiments that can be done without any money and with minimal investment of time, proving that the spiritual principles are equally reliable with gravity, as consistent with the laws of Newtonian motion. Rather than accept some things with blind faith alone, your E2 calls to confirm the following principles:

1. There is an Invisible Invisible Energy or a Field Full of Infinite Possibilities 2. influence the field and draw from according to your Beliefs and Expectations 3. You and You an Energy Field 4. When you focus on something, widening 5. Your Connection to the Field Provides Unlimited Guidance Precision 6.The Thoughts and your consciousness Affect Matter 7. Thoughts and your consciousness construct your Material Body 8. Connect with Always and everywhere in the Universe 9. The Universe Is Unlimited, Full of Abundance, and Surprisingly Helpful.

By Pam Grout. 208 pages. Paperback. Imported. 21x13 cm. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 9789603648819