Educational summer holidays for children in Greece

Educational summer holidays for children in Greece 2013
The “MythHunters” group organizes greek language and culture workshops for children who live abroad and are either of greek descend or connected in any way with greek civilization. These take place at the summer camping site of Sports Village Athitaki in Grammatiko, Attike, near Athens.

For the first time, a multidisciplinary team of experienced teachers (literature, paedagogics, theater, arts), with personal experience of living abroad, are in a position to offer a jolly summer vacation to children and teenagers, combining enjoyment of the sun and sea with learning, initiation to the greek language and exploration of the mysteries of ancient greek mythology and history!

This teaching programme is appropriate for children and teenagers, regardless of country of residence, who desire to spend part of their summer vacation in order to achieve a better knowledge and understanding of their place of origin, of the civilization that, in the past, invented drama and theater and propelled philosophy and humanism.

Participants will also be able to attend the athletic activities organized by the camping and coexist with children who are native speakers of the greek language. Parallel to this, they will attend 20-hour-per-week courses of language and culture. The programme takes place in three consecutive periods that you can choose from:

A: June 16th to July 8th,

B: July 9th to July 31st,

C: August 1st to August 23rd.

All efforts will be made to meet the potentially different learning needs of the participants in the language workshops; we are happy to say that we are implementing modern techniques of innovative learning through interactive games and theatrical and musical presentations. In addition, we arrange excursions to museums and places of archaeological and cultural significance (Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, ancient Agora, Marathon tomb, temple of Apollo in Sounio and many others).

For further information and applications please visit the webpages and sports village Athitaki or communicate with us at:


Telephone: +30 210 3619408, +30 210 3635710, 0030 6949279823