First Notebook for 1st grade

First Notebook for 1st grade
First Notebook for 1st grade
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Product Description

My first workbook is an exercise book for the 1st graders that will help them with their fist steps in writing and reading.

With a methodical approach, selected activities and lively pictures, specific for this age group, we tried to put together a complete and at the same time functional training tool, a tool that students, parents and teachers will use on a daily basis.

With this book your child will:

Get familiar with the different types of letters (fonts) that are found in various print forms.

Write the letters with the correct direction on a specified space.

Recognize and isolate the letters within words.

Complete the letter that is missing in words by exercising prediction strategies.

Practice in spelling.

A great notebook/first writing notebook that many Greek schools here in the US trust and utilize.

According to the school book for the 1st grade!

By Stella Zoupa. 103 pages. Soft cover. Savalas Publications.

ISBN: 960-449-314-0