First Reading Flash Cards (double sided)

First Reading Flash Cards (double sided) - OUT OF STOCK
First Reading Flash Cards (double sided) - OUT OF STOCK
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First Reading Flashcards

with 24 double sided cards 6 X 5 inches

The "first reading" flashcards is a modern teaching approach used for easy and fast learning of all the simple Greek letters (alphabet). By showing the card to the child from one side, he or she sees a beautiful picture, observes it, talks about it and then combines it with the word at the bottom and learns it. Along with the parents direction, the child will initially create and then learn the first syllable of the word but also the first letter which is the goal. Finally, in order to ensure that the child learned each letter, you need to show them the flashcard from the other side and ask them to read the word and its initial letter (capital or lowercase).

For children 5 years old + . Agyra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-422-141-1