The forbidden book

The forbidden book - NEW
The forbidden book - NEW
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A peculiar forbidden book was made billion years ago from the first humans. But now, its thousands happy residents (that don’t know that they live in a book) are in danger for a frightening intruder. Stella and Stefanos, the only siblings of the country with magic powers, will enter the parallel universe of the Forbidden Book in order to solve the mystery! There, they will see glass-made palaces, robo-dinosaurs, flying magic carpets, huge tree houses, chocolate cities, wild animals, music planets, underwater fun parks…

A new amazing adventure that proves that books can truly become our best friends.

For kids 8 years old +

By Aris Dimokidis. Illustration: Maro Alexandrou.167 pages. Size: 5 x 8’’. Paperback. Metaixmio Publications.

ISBN: 978-960-501-916-7