The Greek Bookstore recommends....Politikos Apostrakismos

The Greek Bookstore - February 2020
Young people with rich experience and participation in the social space, embittered by the operation of the political system, they refuse to become part of it, though not without "access and interconnection." The policy can no longer be for them a settlement process in "high level", it can only be practiced by professional politicians.

For this reason, decide to give in the governance process a new impetus, a new meaning and enhance the participation of citizens in decisions that affect them.

The technological innovations of information technology and the Internet are powerful instruments that seek to exploit in order to give a more participative in the polity. Their efforts to antagonize a proven, representative system pose many hazards and deadlocks. The most important ones seem to nest in them, and devise an action plan towards a more direct democratic state.

Will they succeed? They will find answers to their searches, mainly in implementation? And at what cost?'s Response to the outcome of their political project is given early in the book. What remains to be answered is the persistent effort of each one of them to unravel the tangle of personal ties and tie it to the respective yarns other people with similar searches in the social space. And the cost of doing so does not seem to be small ...

By Dimitrios Bouroutzoglou. 304 pages. Paperback. Thermaikos publications.

ISBN: 960-99471-5-8


Dimitris BOUROUTZOGLOU has studied computer science at the University of Patras and has done graduate studies in economics and business administration at Loyola University Chicago and the School of Government at the University of Harvard.

He works as a business consultant and has been working as an amateur journalist, documenting and highlighting noteworthy initiatives social participation of active citizens.