Greek documentary at the Gene Siskel Film Center - Chicago - Nov 7, 2013

2013, Dimitris Koutsiabasakos, Greece, 82 min.

THE GROCER is a picturesque documentary road movie through remote villages in the Pindus Mountains near the Greek-Albanian border, where a traveling grocer and his wife are in their third decade delivering fruit and vegetables, along with welcome helpings of gossip and good will, to customers on their route. News of weddings, births, and funerals, of goats in the garden and bears in the front yard punctuate an evocative saga of the four seasons. In Greek with English subtitles. HDCAM video. (BS)

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BOB GOES TO THE PARTHENON 2013, Stella Kyriakopoulos, USA/Greece, 10 min.

Rules are happily put aside when an Illinois blind man requests to experience the ancient monument in his own way. In English and Greek with English subtitles.

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