The Greek Maiden and the English Lord

The Greek Maiden and the English Lord (In Greek) - OUT OF STOCK
The Greek Maiden and the English Lord (In Greek) - OUT OF STOCK
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Lily Montgomery is captured by gypsies on that fateful night of March 1821 when the Turks set fire to her home town. It was the beginning of the war between the Greeks and the Turks. She is raised up as a gypsy, traveling through Europe. When she is sixteen, her gypsy caravan travels to in Caen, France for a festival. There, she learns from her gypsy grandmother that she is not a gypsy, but that her father is an Englishman and her mother a Greek heiress. Thus begins Lily's search for her real parents. She journeys to England only to find out from a cousin that her mother is presumably dead and her father away to the Indies. Her cousin sends her to boarding school in York to become a lady and to await her father's return. Once there, Lily falls in love with the Lord's handsome son Edward Grant, but he is engaged to another. Several months later, Lily learns that her father has died at sea and she is now penniless. Her gypsy past is disclosed and she is forced to do menial work at the school in order to pay her tuition. Lily's life turns upside down, but Love wins the day, and a surprise ending brings happiness to all.

By Patty Apostolides. 230 pages. Paperback.

ISBN: 978-1-60264-623-0