Greek Music Night - Old School at the Academy

Greek Music Night - Old School at the Academy - April 28, 2018
Το Παλιό Σχολείο, a new, dynamic band, takes over the Academy's stage!

ΤΟ ΠΑΛΙΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ (OLD SCHOOL), a band of four young and talented musicians, take over the Academy's stage performing a wide variety of Greek songs. Dimitris Dallas (bouzouki, santouri, vocals), Izakis Metropoulos (violin, vocals), Sophia Metropoulou (guitar, lute, vocals) and Yiannis Kousiounelos (bouzouki, vocals), make up this dynamic foursome. Their fresh approach and sound, promise for an entertaining evening. Saturday, April 28! Doors open at 8 pm! Donation $20 (Includes rich appetizer buffet) Call (847) 317-1063 to reserve your table!

SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 8 PM AT THE ACADEMY (445 Pine Str. Deerfield, IL)

Hope to see you there,

Takis Theotokatos