Greek Mythology - fairy-tale stories

Greek Mythology - fairy-tale stories (cardboard book) - SOLD OUT
Greek Mythology - fairy-tale stories (cardboard book) - SOLD OUT
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How Zeus won the throne and became king of the gods?

Wh was the most beautiful goddess?

How King Midas was punished for his greed?

Why Hercules had to perform feats?

What was the Trojan Horse?

Through a compelling narration of the most beautiful myths and legends of ancient Greece, ideal for children, illustrated by Tony Wolf, the young readers will explore the magical world of Greek mythology, will know their gods and heroes and will be fascinated by the richness and its wisdom.

This cardboard book is great idea for a gift measuring 3 inches thick. Its a fun way to introduce children to the gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology where people all over the world know and talk about.

By Veatriki Kantzola-Sampatakou. 56 colored cardboard pages (safe for children). 8 X 11.5 X 3 inches. Savalas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-449-360-9