Greece, the Next 300 Years

Greece, the Next 300 Years (English edition)
Greece, the Next 300 Years (English edition)
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"Greece, The Next 300 Years", provides a comprehensive look at what we can expect Greece and the world to be like over the next 300 years. The book explores a variety of possible scenarios, including how our economies may be revolutionized by science in the near future; how democracy may come under threat by technology, even in the United States; how Marxism may challenge the world capitalist system; how Greece's relations with her neighbors and the world could be played out; how the Greek Orthodox Church may change its perspective; how the military could change warfare of the future; how contact with extraterrestrial life could doom humans; and how a natural or nuclear disaster could devastate our planet.

With each scenario, the "Greece, The Next 300 Years" offers suggestions for meeting the future with a plan for Greece to promote the well being of Hellenism and lessen the impact of a dangerous new world. This book is a must for any real enthusiast of Greece or of life in the Future. Greece, the Next 300 Years also makes a great gift.

The author is an advocate of the Western mindset and believes that the virtues of Western Civilization (justice, wisdom, tolerance, and courage) must be promoted to ensure a progressive future.

About the Author: The author has traveled extensively around the world and has lived in the United States, Greece, Australia, and Japan. He obtained his BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, and obtained his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry from the University of New South Wales, Australia. The author has held technical and management positions in the private sector, the military, and the Federal government. He currently lives near Washington DC.

By Stephen Tzikas. Soft cover. 225 pages.

ISBN: 0-9660449-2-4