Greek Sports & Social Network Ski Trip

Greek Sports & Social Network ski Trip in Wisconsin - Feb 16-18, 2013

Skiing/Snowboarding: The Ultimate cure for Cabin Fever!

Get out of the house! Way out of the house!

Where: Devil's Head, S 6330 Bluff Road, Merrimac, WI


As Greeks we have a natural homing beacon for other Greeks, Good Food, Mountains and Fresh Air.

This Presidents Day Weekend, we're rounding up our fellow Greek Chicagoans, packing light and headed North into the great hinterlands of cheese (aka: Wisconsin) to find the nearest significant mountain peak, take in the view, and get some fresh air...

Once we've taken in the view (and certain people will Instagram, Facebook and Tweet their hearts out - you know who you are), we're strapping Skiis & Snowboards to our feet and turning ourselves into speeding projectiles that fly down the mountain.

Again, and Again, and Again. A welcome side effect of all that fresh air, waking up your inner child. Good luck getting it back into the car, when it's time to go...

Please Note, for the Beginners and Novices (like the person writing this), Devil's Head does have numerous slopes of varying difficulties. There will be arrangements made for lessons on the beginners hills for anyone interested.

More Details & Rates for Day Trips and Resort Stays to Follow...

But for now Save the Date & Spread the Word!!!

The More the Merrier!

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