History of (German) Occupation - Volume B

History of (German) Occupation - Volume B - OUT OF STOCK
History of (German) Occupation - Volume B - OUT OF STOCK
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The time to revisit agenuine and trully the history of occupation, that the spirit of the Greek nurtured generations. Without blinkers and obsessions, objectively and in depth. Unknown data and documents.

The truth about the events, people and scenes.

Greece on the eve of war: Alternation in power, trends and influences. Since the movement of 1935 until the Greek-Italian war. The war and the Fifth Column: Attempt approach with Moscow and backroom moves to prevent the conquest of the country, while the fifth column spreads its tentacles. The pro-German and capitulation: Conspiracies, negotiation protocols, and backstage. The Germans in Athens and the first days of the occupation. Initial reactions and politics in occupied Greece. The dramatic night of occupation causes progressively popular anger ... The Germans in Thessaloniki and voulgarokratoumeni zone. General Tsolakoglou and his government. Power and politics in occupied Greece. Critical issues and the emergence of Archbishop Damaskinos to the fore. The great famine, the plundering by conquistadors and economic impasse.

The grim years of the occupation illuminated without hesitation and without sparingly ...

By Dimosthenis Koukounas. 560 pages. 8 X 11 inches. Paperback. Livanis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-2687-7