The Ionian Islands: In the tracks of Odysseus

The Ionian Islands: In the tracks of Odysseus
The Ionian Islands: In the tracks of Odysseus
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The deepest, most sparkling emerald green waters are to be found in the Ionian Sea and on each of its seven islands there are remnants of many different civilisations. "Isolated from mainland Greece for centuries, these islands lying between the East and West have their own unique traditions in art, poetry and music. This rich artistic heritage, influenced by diverse cultures, led to the creation of a very unique Greek civilisation" (Nikos Moschonas).

This album is dominated by the colours of the Ionian Sea. The region is particularly well known to photographer Nikos Desyllas, who was born in Corfu and was therefore able to discover and record, with exceptional sensitivity, the profound beauty of the Ionian Islands. Ancient windmills and local laundresses, clothes hanging out to dry across the picturesque narrow streets of the old villages. Easter and the local band sauntering through the town, a multi-coloured landscape stretching above the dazzling emerald green sea, are just some of the images that dominate the photographic material of this book.

By Nikos Desyllas. Hardcover. 180 pages. 155 color photographs Bilingual Greek - English. 26 X 26 cm. Imported. Synolo Publications.

ISBN: 960-85416-7-0