Journey to Greece (with CD) - levels A1 & A2

Journey to Greece (with CD) - levels A1 & A2
Journey to Greece (with CD) - levels A1 & A2
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This book is addressed to those who teach or are taught Greek as a second or foreign language. It is an instructive textbook focusing on students who belong to the beginnersí level (A1-A2) and attend intensive and short courses on Modern Greek language learning (e.g. Erasmus, EILC, Scholars etc.). The aim of the book is to help learners obtain basic skills, so as to be able to respond to real-life communication circumstances and formulate an indicative picture of Greek culture and civilization. For the drafting of the textbook the authors have taken into consideration the relevant curriculum of Athens University as well as the levels of language proficiency, defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The book consists of 20 Units-Lessons, covering a variety of current communication circumstances with opportune themes and presenting all the phenomena of grammar and syntax, which are essential to these levels. The material is written in a way friendly to the reader and its use requires no preexisting knowledge on Modern Greek language. It is framed by images, sketches and songs, aimed at making even more lively the journey of language learning and the acquaintance with the Greek civilization. The exercises that have been selected cover the spectrum of both grammar and vocabulary of beginnersí levels as well as the range of skills needed to understand and produce verbal and written speech. The book is accompanied by a CD with the dialogues and the exercises of listening comprehension of each unit. At the end of the book what is available is an appendix, containing the keys to all.

By Efi Gareli, Efi Kapoula, Stela Nestoratou, Evagelia Pritsi, Nikos Roumpis, Georgia Sukara. 247 pages. Paperback. 21 X 29 cm. It includes CD. Grigoris publications.

ISBN: 978-960-333-754-6