Journey to Greece (with CD) - levels G1 & G2

Journey to Greece (with CD) - levels G1 & G2
Journey to Greece (with CD) - levels G1 & G2
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This textbook is the third one of the series «Journey to Greece - Modern Greek for foreigners » for those who are taught and teach Greek as a second or foreign language.

The aim of the «Journey to Greece 3» is to help learners understand and master the Greek language, coming into contact with more complex grammatical phenomena, authentic texts of everyday themes, but also texts of more specialized topics and more demanding vocabulary. Through the pages of the book, students become aware of the modern Greek reality and discover travel destinations, representative literary texts as well as folklore, customs and traditions of the country.

The book is structured by fifteen unit-lessons. Through a variety of skills related to comprehension and production of written and spoken language learners are taught all the phenomena of grammar and syntax as well as the vocabulary of the corresponding levels, according to the curriculum of Athens University for the Advanced level and the levels of language learning, established by the Greek Language Centre.

The edition is accompanied by CD with exercises of listening comprehension.

By Efi Gareli, Efi Kapoula, Mahi Montzoli, Stela Nestoratou, Evaggelia Pritsi, Nikos Roumbis, Georgia Sikara. 310 pages. Paperback. 21 X 29 cm. Grigoris publications.

ISBN: 978-960-333-868-0