Lecture, Book Signing and Reception, Brookline, MA, 5/6/2010
The Maliotis Cultural Center in cooperation with the American Hellenic Institute ~New England Chapter

Rathamanthus-Ide Chapter of Boston

Invite you to a Lecture, Book Signing and Reception


by George C. Blytas

Thursday, May 6, 2010 Maliotis Cultural Center 50 Goddard Avenue, Brookline, MA

7:00 p.m.

~With Exhibit of Prints of WWII Aircraft by Classic Warbirds Gallery~

Open to the public and free of charge

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THE FIRST VICTORY: Greece in the Second World War by George C. Blytas was published jointly by the American Hellenic Institute Foundation and the Hellenic Literature Society. It provides a sweeping account of the role Greece played during the Second World War. Greece’s seven-month resistance between 1940 and 1941 against the invading armies of Italy and Germany established the first Allied victory and became an inspiration to freedom-loving countries everywhere. Using intricately detailed descriptions and maps, Blytas recounts the events that preceded the Second World War and unfolds the diplomatic and military developments that cemented Greece’s role in securing the first victory.From battles on the Albanian front to resistance against the German forces, Greek tenacity forced Hitler to delay his invasion of the Soviet Union, a factor in Hitler’s defeat on the Eastern Front. Blytas draws on a comprehensive bibliography, historical archives and numerous interviews to illustrate the local conflict within a broader international context. Mr. Blytas achieves his goal, fortifying his argument with a sincere and sympathetic assessment of the Greek contribution to the first victory of the Second World War.

George Blytas was born in Cairo, Egypt, where he graduated from the Greek Gymnasium while the Civil War was raging in Greece. He first pursued a career in music and was instrumental in establishing a branch of the National Conservatory of Greece in Cairo. Political events in Cairo and the Middle East during the mid-1950's prompted a mass exodus of European professionals, and a change in his career plans. In 1956 he joined the graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he obtained his doctorate in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 1961. Upon graduation, Dr. Blytas joined the research department of a major oil company for a distinguished 39-year career in California, the Netherlands and Texas.

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