Level One Online Tutor

Level One Online Tutor - NEW
Level One Online Tutor - NEW
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Product Description

Greek for beginners, ages 6-Adult

Available in twelve month single user or multi-user subscriptions

Easy level

Designed for use with Level One Reader and Workbook

Contains the 43 lessons from the reader

Teaches Greek through interactive use online

Ideal for home and classroom

The Online Tutor for Level One is design to be used with the reader and workbook to assist students in learning Greek. Each of its forty three lessons corresponds to the reader and contains colorful animated video. It has interactive features for vocabulary, spelling, speech, and comparative pronunciation that provide hours of study. Other features include homework and quizzes for reading, writing and speaking and allows students and teachers to track results.

Teachers will find the tutor indispensable for the supplemental instruction it provides and there are multi-user subscriptions available for classrooms.

For self-study, children and adults will experience a full curriculum of fun material designed to teach Greek to beginners. Using the Online Tutor in combination with the Level One Reader and Workbook is the best way to learn Greek at home or in the classroom.

***Please note that in order to access this on-line program, you'll need a password which we will email you the next business day or two. If purchased along with the Level One reader and workbook, your password will be included with the order***