Little Infidelities Big Punishments (Mikres Apisties, Megales Timories)

Little Infidelities Big Punishments
Little Infidelities Big Punishments
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Standhal, an unrepentant bachelor, a fanatical opponent of marriage and commitment and a lover of the beautiful sex, believes that the meaning of life is hidden within the ephemeral relationships, within the romantic evening meetings and within the surge of adrenaline that infidelity causes.

But what happens when life proves to him that love does not ask before it hits the door? What will happen when he is faced with thrilling feelings, which will try to handle in an awkward way? And things become even more difficult when a woman comes to the scene , a woman who previously was hurt by him, and she is determined to get revenge for what he did to her and destroy him after she mades his life a living hell. Love, revenge and twists in a story dedicated to all those who make the mistake of believing they can control everything. Even love.

By Eleni Dafnidi. 448 pages. Soft Cover.

ISBN: 978-960-453-351-0