Mauro sto Maurogialouro (Memorandum series)

Mauro sto Maurogialouro
Mauro sto Maurogialouro
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This book records all the parliamentary elections held in Greece after the Second World War – in a simple, understandable and mostly utilitarian way. In particular, the books gives the "identity" of the election battles, some essential information about people and things, and above all, a primary pictorial material that carries the reader directly, as a time machine, to different eras of our recent political history.

The book includes photographs, headlines of newspapers and magazines, party election-campaign materials, ballots, documents, cartoons and other documents. We believe that this book will help the older people put their memories in order and recall events and situations that were once the focus of the general public. It will also inform the younger ones, in a systematic, concise and eloquent way, of important political events, which they have “heard" from their parents and don’t know them very well.

Readers will comprehend all election battles from 1946 until today, will “meet” the central characters, will experience the birth and death of political parties that wrote history and will probably understand, the conditions that engendered the passions, the hopes and the disappointments of the previous generations.

By Othon Tsounakos. 159 pages. Hardcover.

ISBN: 960-342-339-4