My first notebook for the (Greek) alphabet

My first notebook for the (Greek) alphabet (for kindergarten)
My first notebook for the (Greek) alphabet (for kindergarten)
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My first book for the (Greek) alphabet is for students attending kindergarten.

The fun and creative exercises will help children understand the relationship between with written and oral speech while at the same time give an incentive to educators and parents about the language development activities of the toddler.

More specifically this book will help your child:

Understand basic shapes (circles, straight lines, curves, etc).

Learn the alphabet letters.

Recognize phonemes (sounds) and combine them with the proper letters.

Write letter with the right direction on an organized space.

Recognize letters within words, separate them and circle them.

Listen and recognize the beginning and ending sounds of words with the help of pictures.

Select and color the correct pictures.

Complete the missing letter in words.

By Amalia Zoe. 127 pages. Paperback. 17x24cm. Savvalas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-449-872-7