No More Fantasies - Philosophical Choices- Skepticism and Point of View

No More Fantasies
No More Fantasies
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The scope of this book is to seduce the reader into a world of skepticism and philosophy and to make it clear that philosophy is not useless nowadays. In contrary to the beliefs of its enemies, philosophy has a bright future ahead and will methodically deal with hundreds of problems that humanity faces today and others that will be faced in the future. Questions such as: who we really are, what is our purpose in life and which is the future of mankind, often come to our mind, guiding us to skepticism and the field of philosophy. Throughout the entire content of this book, strong effort has been deployed to unhook the human being from fantasies and imaginary scenarios that do not really exist. Such imaginary scenarios are created by lack of knowledge, fear, inadequate education and a miserable childhood. False fantasies usually drive us into wrong beliefs that are often dangerous. Reference is also made to the universe, which is very popular in the context of this book. Most of the philosophical choices of this book focus on the beliefs and views of the great ancient Greek philosophers, who dealt with matter, nature and the universe, as well as on the views of a number of philosophers of other nationalities. Groupings and correlations of philosophers and their views sound quite interesting, which add an exceptional touch to this book. Moving from philosophy onto the basics of psychology, the author uses the basic psychological views of Sigmund Freud, as a solid support and back up for most of its chapters. The points of view of this book are based on the content of fourteen great books of famous Greek and foreign writers that are mentioned in chapter 9, entitled “Reference to Books”. Many excerpts of these books have been used by the author, in order to strongly support the skepticism behind this book and his point of view.

By John Tsapidis. 116 pages.

ISBN: 8789082406900