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Odyssey - I love Mythology - OUT OF STOCK
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It took 10 years for the Trojan war to come to an end. A war that started due the kidnapping of Helen, the beautiful Greek queen, from Paris, one of the sons of the king of Troy. The Greeks managed to enter to the city of Troy. It was the smart mind of the king of Ithaki, Odysseus, that made that possible as he had the Trojan Horse idea. The war was over, Helen was freed and the Greeks would return back to their motherland. But for Odysseus new adventures would start and his return home would be delayed...

The book has activities and games that help the young reader understand the basic elements of the story.

Pictures by Akis Melaxris. 8 and a half X 10 and a half (21 X 27 cm) 32 pages. Paperback. Agkyra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-547-019-7