Orpheus Annual Family Picnic

Orpheus Annual Family Picnic - Sunday, September 3

The Orpheus Annual Family Picnic is just a few days away! Sunday, September 3rd at the Roosevelt Park, 2200 Grove Street in Glenview, IL (12:00-5:00 p.m.)

We are officially kicking off the new year with good company, food, games and lots of fun! A special shout-out to all our alumni and prospective new members to join us. Family and friends are also welcome.

Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided as well as coffee, frappe and water. Bring your chair, soda and a favorite side-dish or dessert to share.

Hint to all the advanced cooks: We are all very fond of the kind of food that end with 'pie' or 'πιττα' like cheese-pie (τυρό-πιττα) or spinach-pie (σπανακό-πιττα) and so on! And of course the early birds get to taste some of the famous lamp chops by you know who :)

RSVPs, Georgia Vasilopoulos 847-361-9297 or reply to this e-mail or via facebook message.