PK - Kindergarten: Alpha-Bita Vol I & II

PK - Kindergarten: Alpha-Bita Vol I & II - OUT OF STOCK
PK - Kindergarten: Alpha-Bita Vol I & II - OUT OF STOCK
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Product Description

Alpha Bita is comprised of two volumes, volume I covering the letters A to M, and volume II the remaining letters N to Omega.

Alpha Bita is designed for pre-kindergarten classrooms. It comes with a dry-erase marker, and each lesson features a dry-erase letter page - an added bonus that really excites children. Activities include coloring, tracing, matching, letter-puzzles and letter cutting exercises.

What Will I Learn? This Level will teach you:

The letters of the Greek alphabet

Two words for every letter of the Greek alphabet

Purchase includes two textbooks and a dry-erase marker

Greek alphabet for young children

Fun and engaging new activities

Dry-erase letter tracing pages

Logical order from Alpha to Omega.

Tearable pages for easy submission.

128 + 128 (letter size) color pages. Paperback. Papaloizos publications.

ISBN: 978-0-932416-90-2