The professions in ancient Greece

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The professions in ancient Greece - OUT OF STOCK
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What you want to learn about the professions in ancient Greece?

What were their professions?

How do we know about these professions?

How different were those professions from today’s professions?

Discover the answers by reading “the professions in ancient Greece”. Learn what we know about employment in ancient times, and through the examination of historical elements, how that information came to us. The series “the world of ancient Greeks” offers the young readers the opportunity to meet ancient Greece. Each book focuses on a specific theme, researching the lives of those magnificent people and bringing to life their ideas, their beliefs and their experiences.

Each (series) book includes:

• Analysis of the archeological works in specific areas in order to see how we can learn about ancient civilizations.

• Plethora of sources (writings and pictures) that allow the reader to discover how we explain the past.

• Chronological table that helps the readers place the events and the people of ancient Greece to the correct time periods.

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48 pages. Hard cover. 19 X 24 cm. Imported. Savalas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-423-115-7