Reading and Comprehanding - 1st Grade

Reading and Comprehanding - 1st Grade - NEW
Reading and Comprehanding - 1st Grade - NEW
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The books in the series "The Disney school" I am learning with my favorite heroes, designed by experienced educators of preschool and Elementary First age to help children learn and cultivate skills and attitudes necessary for the formation of an integrated personality is the right educational tool to support your child in his or her early school steps.

Activities to practice basic skills:

I read a story and locate the structure, the heroes, the main points

I answer questions with words who, what, when, where

I retell the story

With educational toys and stickers.

Includes Reading Graduation Certificate on the last page.

Copyright 2016 Disney Enterprises. 64 pages. Paperback. 7 1/2 X 11 inches. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-618-03-0457-2