Short Stories in Greek: 2nd edition

Short Stories in Greek: 2nd edition
Short Stories in Greek: 2nd edition
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This book has been designed for low intermediate to advanced learners of modern Greek. It can be used for self-study or in the classroom. It is written in everyday language that is actually used in Greece, with realistic dialogs and situations.

The book includes 11 stories (all 10 stories of the 1st edition plus one with a holiday theme), which revolve around a typical Greek family. Each chapter consists of:

A text, increasing in complexity as you progress in the book

A vocabulary section with the words as they appear in the text and in their original form (for instance, if a verb appears in the plural and in a future tense in the text (e.g. θα φύγουμε = we will leave], you are also given the 1st person singular in the present tense [φεύγω = I leave/I am leaving])

Reading-comprehension questions (True or False and multiple choice) Grammar and vocabulary exercises to practice what you’ve learned in each text

Syntax exercises to practice forming sentences

Answers to the exercises.

By Maria Karra

ISBN: 978-1-958312-00-1

Language(s): Greek with explanations in English

Level: Low intermediate, intermediate, advanced

Dimensions: ‎ 6 x 0.36 x 9 inches

Number of pages: 156

Year of publication: 2022

Formats: Paperback