Smyrna - The distraction of a cosmopolitan city 1900 - 1922

Smyrna - The distraction of a cosmopolitan city 1900 - 1922 - OUT OF STOCK
Smyrna - The distraction of a cosmopolitan city 1900 - 1922 - OUT OF STOCK
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Based on the same film.

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A fascinating photo album with pictures of unfamiliar Smyrna based on the homonymous film "SMYRNA: The Destruction of a cosmopolitan city 1900-1922 ', Maria Elias and the photographic exhibition was presented with great success at the beginning of 2012 at the Benaki Museum.

How was cosmopolitan Smyrna in the early 20th century?

How the Greeks lived next to other communities?

Why was it so unique port in the Mediterranean even today, 90 years after the disaster, connected with the joy of life for the good years and laments for the destruction came suddenly in September 1922?

Through unknown archival photographic material gleaned and preserved carefully by the non-profit company "firsts" in America, Europe, Turkey and Greece, the director Maria Elias, and the historical consultant Alexander Kitroeff, unfolds the story of Smyrna by the cosmopolitan years as the years of destruction in September 1922.

The anonymous photographs from the archives of the Library of Congress, the Near East Relief, the Universities of Harvard and Princeton, the Imperial War Museum, the Fondation Albert Kahn, the private collection of Pierre de Gigord and many other records in Greece and abroad.

The album was released in synchronicity with the same title of the documentary film in cinemas in Athens, Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece.

By Maria Iliou. In cooperation with the Benaki museum and Proteas. 144 pages. 24 x 27 cm. Soft cover. Minoas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-481-936-2