Small Electric Shocks

Small Electric Shocks
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The Greek Bookstore is pleased to announce Athinais Negka’s new book is available now at

Read it and weep… from laughing so hard!

Electricution… in case you have never experienced it – it squeezes you; it introduces itself with a handshake before it overtakes you; and it takes a snap moment for you to realize that it’s best to avoid that evil flow that is looking for the next unsuspecting shock…

Athinais Negka hits the airwaves daily on John Greek 88,6 FM in Greece. Athinais has gained her popularity status with her personal approach to solving relationship issues from what men want to how a man can make a woman fall for him… and may other more complex relationship situations air. Her devout listeners text their problem/issue/situation and look to her for straight talk advice. They can rely on her to give a balanced perspective - which is at the same time poignant, insightful and always humorous.

365 pages. Softcover.