University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Study Abroad (Greece and Corfu) program - Summer 2014
Students will participate in service learning opportunities here in the U.S. (eight weeks; 2hrs weekly) at social service sites. Then, students will travel to Greece to participate in service leaning opportunities specifically in Athens (urban) and Corfu (rural). Students will integrate and make cross-cultural comparisons between the sites, become exposed to Greek social welfare issues, healthcare disparities, poverty issues, and the devastating impact of the Greek economic depression on the local residents. It is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves into the Greek culture, to learn hands-on how access to social services and the delivery thereof, are tightly connected to, and profoundly impacted by the economic disparities, and also to make insightful comparisons between social services in the US and Greece. English is widely spoken in Greece, so undertanding of or fluency in Greek is not required.

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