Thin Nylon Stockings

Thin Nylon Stockings  eBook
Thin Nylon Stockings eBook
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1893-1993 History of a century. Psycho-graphic recordings by the lives of heroes, who as though the historical facts confuse them and frustrate them, they follow an unknown path. They allow this little voice of their souls to lead them !! Essentially it is a journey through time, starting at the Turkish occupied island of Samos goes to Smyrna and ends at "prosfygomana" "refugee mother" city Thessaloniki.

By Litsa Raka Zaggelidou. 426 pages. eBook

ISBN :978-960-93-3578-2

About the author

Litsa Raka was born in Perea-Thessaloniki in 1961. She is a painter , Sculptor and writer. She writes and paints books for children. She published a kids book (To koukoutsaki) Dia Viou publications

ISBN: 978-960-87001-3-0.