Trojan War - Odyssey

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Trojan War - Odyssey - OUT OF STOCK
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What was the reason for one of the most famous wars in the word, between the Greeks and the Trojans? Who won and how? Which brave worriers died from both sides and under what circumstances? What happened to one of the most important and smarter king of that era, Odysseys, when he began his trip to his motherland from Troy? Did he manage to overcome the challenges that he faced on his way back?

The Trojan war and the adventures of Odysseys inspired the grand Greek poet Homer, known to the world, to write two epics: Iliad and Odyssey.

By Anastasia D Makri. 8 and a half X 10 and a half (21 X 27 cm) 55 pages (color). Paperback. Agkyra publications.

ISBN: 678-960-547-041-8