The Ultimate Greek-language dictionary

The Ultimate Greek-language dictionary - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
The Ultimate Greek-language dictionary - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
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This is the newest and richest dictionary of the Greek language. That is what we named it the "The Ultimate Greek-language dictionary". A modern and complete work, valuable tool for the understanding and the correct use of words.

60.000 entries and 10.000 idomatic espressions, phrases, and typical expressions.

Plethora of new Greek words.

Thousands of expressions, necessary for understanding the meaning of each word.

Examples from literature, to Solomos, to today.

Section with foreign words and expressions.

Section with main names.

Section with basic orthographic rules, and the endings of nouns, adjectives, verbs and phrasal verbs.

Much, much more...

1,646 pages. Hardcover. Fytraki publications.

ISBN: 978-960-535-637-8