White Water Rafting in Wisconsin

- GREEK BOOKSTORE EVENT - White Water Rafting (Wisconsin)- 5/23 - 5/25, 2009
White Water Rafting in Wisconsin, sponsored by The Greek Bookstore!

Saturday afternoon we are leaving Chicago to get to Wildman Whitewater Ranch close to the Menminee River. We are staying at the 4 Seasons Hotel. On Sunday we actually do the Rafting at 10:00 am (plan to be there at least 30 min before the event). This is a class IV river.

The address is N22200 Bomber Rd. Niagara WI, just off old Highway 8.

Bring a synthetic or wool sweater, socks, and long underwear and old gym shoes (no sandals please).

Sunday afternoon we head for Door County and we are staying at the Landing Resort. Monday afternoon we return to Chicago.